Bitflek was founded by electronic artist and fashion designer Dean Lee Pinnington.

It was while he was studying at Central Saint Martins College in London for a Master’s Degree that he began the development of what has become the Label’s Electro Derived Style. A style that has morphed through the shifting visions of a rapidly evolving electronic and digital culture.

His previous 25 year career saw him work as an Art Director for many of the worlds’ leading brands across Automotive, Electronics, Aviation, Sport, Fashion, and Banking sectors. Producing award winning work and art directing Television Commercials across the world.

He went on to set-up a successful communications agency for the legendary DDB network in London. It was here that he began working with Chris Ashworth, a highly regarded graphic designer and ex Raygun Magazine designer to help steer Getty Images creative output across the globe.

The pair collaborated on Ashworth’s Sound and Print project where he was able to apply his distinctive electronic style, “ The idea was to visually express a piece of music through graphic design. I was listening to Aphex Twin at the time and thought it was perfect for me, creating a mood of darkness and reverberating lines set against a low light”. This theme was to re-appear in Bitflek T-shirts some years later and form a trademark motif.

His knowledge of the industry led him to Shanghai in China where he provided consultancy on the dynamics of western advertising and it’s application and effect in Asian culture. A culture deeply rooted in it’s connections with Symbols and Mythology.

This experience became a turning point in his career as he was Head-hunted to become a Global Creative Director for Asias’ largest communications’ agency. Producing internationally recognised Print and Television campaigns. A highlight being the London Olympics where he featured David Beckham and commissioned the directing talent of Academy Award winning Cinematographer/Director Emmanuel Lubezki.

After leaving South Korea, “The time had come to bring together all this experience and life stuff that had been whirling around in my mind together, so i finally launched Bitflek”. He drew inspiration from the sonic sensibilities of Electronic based sound and it’s effect on a society which has become ever more globally focussed and hungry for ‘new-ness’.

New-ness that has caught the attention of Adidas, Nike and even Puma, who have all taken liberties to imitate the Label’s unique form of graphic art on their football kits.

“it’s kind of a compliment is some ways, but they just don’t have that spirit of how the work is generated. If i can’t give something ‘WOW’ to the market, I don’t think it’s worth bothering. What we are doing in fashion at Bitflek is giving people a new visual approach”.