Bred In England.

We set-up to give men and women an alternative look for their wardrobe's. Providing pieces that will standout and set the wearer apart. Our look is born out of a desire to express the relationship of our frenetic digital lives and the fragile beauty of our organic world.

Each T-shirt is electronically hand-painted by taking our technology to places it's never been before. Giving us a truly fresh perspective on which to create unique design statements. We bring together the basic components of balance, symmetry, scale and space to add a touch of order. Always supplemented with inspired doses of chaos, warped logic, and pure idiosyncratic splendour.

Inside each piece you'll see similar motifs in architecture, geographic landscaping, data noise, visual sound waves, satellite ordinance, space, maps and many forms or organic matter. And most importantly, forms and structures that are original to Bitflek. What also matters to us is the reliance on men and women to cut and sew each T-shirt in our studio because we value the hand-crafted tactility in every garment we make for you.

A value that is raw in it's physical beauty and sophisticated in it's one-of-a-kind appearance. A character we call electro organic.

An attitude that is pure Bitflek.